Language Tandem

Welcome to the Homepage of the Language Tandem by Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Students of JGU can register for a language tandem at the ISSK for the upcoming semester.Registering is possible from the beginning of February until the end of April for the summer semester and from the beginning of August until the end of October for the winter semester. A language tandem offers you the possibility to improve your current foreign language skills and to expand your intercultural and linguistic competences in direct contact with native speakers.

If you want to improve your German skills or your foreign language skills in contact with native speakers and your level of proficiency is B1; you want to learn more about the culture and the people of a foreign country, you are flexible in terms of schedules and you want to learn autonomously in a group of two; you want to get general advice for learning languages and learning in a tandem and you want to apply your knowledge in practice, please register.

Note: For the registration, you will need an E-Mail address by Johannes Gutenberg University. If you have not yet demanded one at the Data Center (ZDV) of JGU, please do this in advance.

Contact us for further informations.