General Information

What is a language tandem?

Two people with different mother tongues meet regularly in order to communicate in the language of the partner.

At JGU Mainz, we coordinate presence meetings for enrolled students.

They are expected to have good basic knowledge of the foreign language (A2/B1 level in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - CEFR) in order to be able to interact with the tandem partner as easily as possible.

The language tandem is well suited for you if you want to expand your language competences autonomously with regard to time and location and in interaction with a native speaker.

A language tandem offers the possibility to pursue your own learning goals during your foreign language acquisition and to determine contents, pace and methods autonomously. Furthermore, a tandem provides intercultural learning in direct contact with native speakers.

Please note, however, that it is not meant as free tutoring classes and not as a private lesson!

Basic Principles of Learning in a Tandem

To learn in a tandem means to learn with a partner.

You will switch languages after the half of the time agreed upon. Communicate with your partner how you two want to make progress and what your own methods of learning languages are. Advice: Try different learning methods!

To learn in a tandem means to learn autonomously and individually, too.

Think about your learning progress: Which progresses have you already made? What do you want to achieve?